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Welcome to /  We carry an assortment of top quality used trumpets that have been ultrasonically cleaned, refurbished, polished, lubed, tested and ready to play.  Check back often as our inventory changes regularly from excellent student models, to truly "special" trumpet makes and models.  All trumpets are play tested, certified and guaranteed satisfaction by our owner, Dean Taylor, who has been playing trumpet for 47 years. Please consider avoiding the headaches from buying a used trumpet on Ebay, Craigslist, from a garage sale, pawn shop or estate sale person.  Buy your used guaranteed horn from a trumpet specialty house! 

We are an authorized CarolBrass dealer, and offer you the finest in new high quality trumpets at prices that you can afford. Prices are so good, maybe a new horn is a better alternative for you than a used one! Please be sure to check out our huge selection. is the premier online site, where you can see the extensive CarolBrass trumpet lineup organized by price, and select the trumpet that is right for you. You will be amazed ! 20+ different models including sterling silver and red brass copper trumpets !  The great thing with CarolBrass trumpets iare that if you do not see one that is right for you, you can certainly special order one that is ! And don't miss the infamous CarolBrass pocket trumpet. We offer many choices in finishes on this outstanding pocket trumpet ! . . . Come on in ... browse around .... and welcome.     - Dean Taylor-

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