CarolBrass carol brass trumpet trumpets was established in 1998. We specialize in custom, high quality, and hard to find trumpet specialty items. We offer only high quality refurbished and guaranteed play tested used trumpets. Each horn is personally tested by our founder, Dean Taylor, who has been playing trumpet for over 47 years. Dean plays trumpet locally in both an orchestra and a rock/funk band in the Portland, OR area.  In addition you will see that we have a selection of a few items that are exclusive to our site. We also sell on Ebay, as WorldWideWebDot.  We are also known as 

Ebay is actually where the idea for this website got started. I would see countless ebay auctions for used trumpets for sale from estate buyers, pawn brokers and such. People that know nothing about trumpets nor could they care less. They are just out for a quick profit. I read many a feedback, and saw that many were parents that were looking for a good quality used trumpet for their son or daughter for school . Many were disappointed when the trumpet they received sometimes did not even play! (cheap valves - sticking problems, intonation problems)  As you know, there are lots of really bad BRAND NEW trumpets out there as well, and parents buy them because they are DIRT CHEAP, and also simply because their child wants a shiny and new trumpet.  If you want your child to succeed ... this is certainly NOT the type of horn, that your child needs!

I started buying some top quality dent free, name brand, proven reliable used Olds, Bach, Getzen, and Conn student model trumpets, as many as I could get my hands on. Once I receive them I ultrasonically cleaned them inside and out, make sure all of the slides work, valve action excellent, springs, pads, felts changed as needed, polish and play tested for tone, intonation and range. Dents...??  well.. as long as the horn played well I was going to get it in the hands of a student !   I started reselling them on ebay for usually $25 to $50 more than I paid for them, offering a 100% money back guarantee (from a trumpet player-seller). I couldn’t keep them in stock ! Parents time after time sent me emails telling me how fortunate they were to find my auction and win a nice playing horn for their child, with a "worry free" transaction from a trumpet player. (and how there child is practicing and playing now) I have actually lost count over how many trumpets I have sold on Ebay over the years, and more importantly how many kids and parents I made happy. It's in the hundreds, since 1998. Each used horn today, still gets the same attention to detail, and personal responsibility to insure you are 100% satisfied. I personally hand pick the used trumpets that are offered on this site. If they are not absolutely top notch horns, I will not buy them. To date, I have not had one used trumpet returned to me ! You can buy with confidence from

Another reason I started selling specialty items is to bring to the marketplace, items that can and will enhance a players ability.  When I started playing trumpet in 1969, my instructor started me on a decent playing Olds Ambassador and a 7C mouthpiece.  I practiced hard, but could only achieve 'just so much'.  (for 7 years) I was told the other mouthpiece sizes would ruin my embouchure and that the 7C was the best. I saw my friends with other mouthpieces, and trumpets like Benge and Strads, and they were advancing and challenging chairs, and hitting those high notes. I had great style and tone, and my solo's were tops, but I just could not hit the high notes. So I asked my instructor about maybe a different trumpet would get me some higher notes.  He said no, you have a good horn there, you just need more practice. He grabbed my Olds and with his mouthpiece and 30 years experience, screamed out a high G.  So that kind of shut me up. But, hey .. he had the lip and experience !  So .... in kind of retaliation, for my next lesson, I borrowed my friends Strad and used my same mouthpiece and I could instantly and constantly hit 1-2 notes higher without changing anything !  My tone was nicer, better. Even my teacher was scratching his chin.  Hmmmm ... This is what started me thinking and acquiring different trumpets and mouthpieces.  All those years that I wasted on an Ambassador and a 7C thinking I am 'just not that good of a trumpet player! "  I know you are thinking that perhaps I had a lousy instructor.  Well , I can tell you that my instructor was taught trumpet with personal lessons from Harold "Pappy" Mitchell, so that is why I took everything he said as "Gospel".  I learned later at a price, that his advise was probably sound. for the day. But that is old school.  There have been huge advances in trumpet construction techniques, brands, models, and mouthpiece design over the last few decades.

So if you are a young person out there reading this, and you are in love with playing the trumpet, like I was at your age , my advice to you is to do what ever it takes to earn extra money,  to buy and try different mouthpieces, and if you or your parents can afford it, buy, sell, trade and try different quality trumpets also. (used and new).  Don't let someone tell you that your equipment doesn't matter.  It certainly does. After I got rid of my Olds and 7C, I was able to find a combination of a different size and top quality mouthpiece, and different quality trumpet, that increased my range 4 notes with no other changes.  I didn't practice harder.  The higher notes I was looking for just came out with the right equipment! And a whole lot easier. Other changes in trumpets made my tone sound just fantastic.  Every trumpeter just needs to find out what works for him or her !  Keep searching .... but do not forget that you still have to practice ! is now very pleased to be able to bring you the highly rated CarolBrass line of new trumpets.  They are one trumpet manufacturing company that is absolutely staying ahead of the times, in terms of trumpet manufacturing, design, and materials used. Check out the CarolBrass trumpet page and see the huge selection of horns.  You will be amazed at what they offer, and how affordable they are !

Trumpet players are always wanting to scream and play the high notes !  Yeah... even a classical player will tell you that it is a thrill to NAIL to the wall the hard and high parts and of course articulating the rapid and difficult passages.   I must tell you.. that the CarolBrass line of trumpets really allows you to access the high range and locks in notes with ease.  The horns have just the right amount of resistance, great ease of blow in the high range, slotting .. they are just great, great, horns. Otherwise I would not be selling them and offering a money back guarantee ! 

May your high G's be fruitful and multiply !

                       Dean Taylor


CarolBrass carol brass trumpet trumpets                        

     Dean Taylor playing a "beater" trumpet at 10,457 Feet

                           Mount Lassen, California

 ( Playing a $50 .... 1940's PEA SHOOTER old trumpet I picked up at a pawn shop ... not taking a $2K horn on a hike... LOL )

               (Playing Theme from Rocky)

(note: you can blow as loud as you can and  you will be heard for 20 miles, literally.  But with zero feedback, you can BARELY HEAR anything coming out of the BELL!.  VERY STRANGE and wonderful trumpet experience ! )

Walking down the mountain, many people hiking UP Mt Lassen, stopped me and chatted when they saw the horn strapped to my back pack.  They said they heard me 5 miles downhill and the sound was so clear ....

All of them said .... it seemed to them that I was only 500 feet away  ....  somewhere ....  behind "some rock or bush" ! ( Yet I was MILES away )  !!!

----- Now THAT is certainly a weird, wild and wonderful trumpet experience !! ----


  Dot-com marks 30th anniversary


It was about 30 years ago -- March 15, 1985 -- that the first dot-com domain name -- -- appeared on the Internet

ushering in the commercial age of the World Wide Web.


Development was slow, at first. It took more than two years for the first 100 sites to go online and by 1995, the number had grown to 18,000.  But from those humble beginnings the Internet has grown like you could not believe! By 2010, to more than 100 million dot-com domain names!  That's just the Dot Com !  As of a few years later is was estimated that there were over 195 million total websites active in 2013. (including .net .info. org. biz .. etc ) .  OK ... fast forward to today... There are even more extensions, .US. MY. CO. CA. ASIA. EU. Adult .Best .coffee. .dating. discount JP.  and so forth ...  and it is very hard to track the number of actual websites on a day to day basis, as many come and go.   400+ Million is a good approximation on the number of websites out there ... and according to GOOGLE .... they have indexed at least 4.84 billion online pages (Sunday, 17 January, 2016). is proud to have joined the WorldWideWeb in 1998 when there were only about 50,000 sites! is our newer sister site!  Yes... I know that we are a little "Old Fashioned" ... but we are kind of proud of that !  We are a name you can trust being one of the first "REAL" and continuing websites !  There was NO .... "Dot Com Bubble Crash" here on our site in the 1990's. ONLINE then .. ONLINE now ... ONLINE ready in 2016 to serve you. 


Here is what Google and Yahoo looked like when was established in 1998 !!






And what about ebaY ? Originally founded as AuctionWeb, the name was changed to eBay in September 1997. Originally, the site belonged to Echo Bay Technology Group, the founder's consulting firm.  The name change was first attempted to register the domain name, but it was already taken by the Echo Bay Mines, a gold mining company, so the founder shortened it to his second choice,, and history was made ! 




WorldWideWebDot.Com Trumpet Specialties







We are now known by both names / internet sites.


Well ... is a site name that is recognized globally, and ..... we have had this name like ..." forever" as far as online sites go ... and  ... it is one that you certainly will NOT forget ! It is really hard to change and let go of something that one has worked for decades on ! Proud of our online heritage!


Either name however will get you to this website ! ! ( Don't forget the DOT. )


We also operate CarolBrass.Info which will get you to this site as well.



Yes .... I have purposely designed this website with large easy to read text and large photos.

I have structured this website with a "personal" feel, since when doing business with us

it is personal !  Don't you just hate ordering from a website, and receive an "auto reply" email,

and your feel like you are in "limbo" waiting for your order to be processed?  Or ... wonder .. "Is anyone really working on my order?? " When will it be shipped? Who do I contact for updates?


You may email me anytime at the email address on our contact page, and I will respond to you personally and in a timely manner ! Some people email me and tell me I am a dinosaur.   Dean .... you need to update your website with the latest and greatest bells and whistles and links, face book page, twitter, format it for Iphones etc .....  


NAH ....


If you do not like my older 1990's style website .....



Click on some where else .... place your order, and wait for your "FORMS AUTO REPLY".  My best to you and thank you for visiting


Sorry .... that's just NOT how I do business!


Looking forward to dealing with you directly, personally, and insuring your 100% satisfaction.



Dean  Taylor





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