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Bauhaus-Walstein Black Attache Style Trumpet Case


We are proud to offer this incredibly stylish european trumpet case, combining good looks with protection, functionality and security.

Luxury Hard Shell Black Attache Style Trumpet case

Have you been looking around ebay and elsewhere, for a classic style awesome trumpet case for your horn? A case that you can put your mutes in, and even some sheet music. Maybe you are not happy with the case that came with your horn. Maybe you just restored a horn and you just can't put it back in that old beat up case. You have seen the backpack, soft style, gig bag cases, and cases with zippers, zippers, and no locks. You have seen some of the name brand hard shell cases, but you cannot put anything other than a straight mute inside. And… just when you see a nice case .. . then you see it is a double case style. You don’t want a double case. Maybe you don’t own 2 trumpets and/or a flugelhorn. You just want a nice nice case for your one trumpet. Maybe you are like me, and don't want a backpack and hate zippers !  OK… now …I have one for you ! With combination locks… no zippers and extreme versatility !!

Imported from the UK. A Bauhaus-Walstein Black Attache Style Trumpet Case. Black simulated leather outers with real black leather trim over solid wooden shell. Brass lacquer fixtures and fittings including sturdy combination locks - the cases close with a very satisfying "snap". A thick leatherette handle, plush black fitted interior with two mouthpiece holders. Large mute section will hold up to 5 mutes including cup and wah wah. The mute storage section measures 19 1/2" X 5" X 4 1/2". The case has a music holder for sheet music (No books) This attaches to the inside of the lid via two leather tongues with snap stud fasteners. Fits all Bb trumpets we've tried so far including a Yamaha YTR-8340EM with a 5 ¼" bell. Your trumpet must be under 19 3/4" long.  Case has an embossed Bauhaus-Walstein logo with is pretty subtle. The flash photo shows it more prominent than it really is.  Instructions for lock setting included. Case measures 20 3/4" Length X 13" height X 6 1/2" Width (stock # BW-TPT1-BLM). Shipped from USA, all import duties, taxes have been paid.

(Trumpet, mutes and accessories not included)








                                          CAROLBRASS® TRUMPET CASES


CAROLBRASS® BLACK SIMULATED LEATHER SINGLE CASE                                     $225.00


New style case

This is an awesome BACH STYLE simulated leather, and wood single trumpet case.  Fits standard sized modern trumpets. It has room inside for accessories, but most mutes will not fit, except a straight mute. Manufactured specifically to CarolBrass® design specs by a top name case maker. If you want to use this for another brand trumpet, it appears you could easily (with some warm heat) remove the outer CarolBrass badge ( adhesive ) and cut the inside CarolBrass banner carefully with a razor blade.




CAROLBRASS® BACKPACK DUAL HANDLE SINGLE CASE                                                     $175.00


This case includes a carry strap, backpack straps, expandable pocket for music, top pocket for a tuner and 4 additional mouthpieces. Sturdy construction, plenty of room for mutes which is in a sealed area. Cannot roll around and damage your trumpet.  This is a really nice convenient and affordable case.




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