CAROLBRASS TRUMPET CASES




CAROLBRASS BLACK SIMULATED LEATHER SINGLE CASE                                     $225.00


New style case

This is an awesome BACH STYLE simulated leather, and wood single trumpet case.  Fits standard sized modern trumpets. It has room inside for accessories, but most mutes will not fit, except a straight mute. Manufactured specifically to CarolBrass design specs by a top name case maker. If you want to use this for another brand trumpet, it appears you could easily (with some warm heat) remove the outer CarolBrass badge ( adhesive ) and cut the inside CarolBrass banner carefully with a razor blade.





CAROLBRASS BACKPACK DUAL HANDLE SINGLE CASE                                                     $175.00


This case has 4 convenient ways to carry your case.  It comes with the over the shoulder carry strap, backpack straps, side and top carry handles, It has an expandable pocket for music, a top pocket for a tuner and 4 additional mouthpieces. Sturdy construction, plenty of room for mutes which is in a sealed area. Cannot roll around and damage your trumpet.  This is a really nice convenient and affordable case. 



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