CarolBrass CTR-1000H-YSS  CTR-1000H-YSS      $450.00


                                                                                                            Available finishes:


Beginner trumpet.  High quality construction.  This is a super value for a beginner. We know that you just need a really great playing student trumpet that won't give you any problems.  Practicing is hard enough with out having a problem poor quality horn slowing your progress down, with sticky valves, and out of tune notes. You wont struggle with those problems with this CTR-1000H-YSS. This trumpet has great intonation.  Also .. Did you know that the CarolBrass professional close tolerance stainless steel valve pistons are used in this student model !   This gives you the student, a great horn, at a great price,  without compromise.  If you buy a "big box brand name" student beginner trumpet ( for about $700-$800 ) , will they be giving you professional grade valves?  No . . . they won't ! The CTR-1000H-YSS is a fabulous horn for your learning environment that won't hold you back, at a very affordable price !




11.70 mm(0.460 in) bore.

123 mm(4.843 in) yellow brass STANDARD/STANDARD bell.

Yellow brass lead pipe.

Yellow brass inside/outside tuning slides.

3rd valve slide adjustable finger ring with patent defend drop device.


7C mouthpiece, cleaning cloth, cleaning rod, valve oil.

Small Gig Style Carry Bag with shoulder carry belt included (photo below)


Gig Style Carry Bag comes with this trumpet


You can special order accessories for this trumpet at extra costs :

--Professional Super Thin Finger Buttons $30.00

--Professional Light Weight Valve Springs $15.00

--Professional style Rounded Main Tuning Slide $80.00

( MOST student horns, you cannot order accessories.  Email for details and ordering these items )

Here are some photos of the CTR-1000H with the optional rounded main tuning slide.



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