CarolBrass CTR-1110L-YST



                                                                                                          CTR-1110L-YST      $1,600.00


This is a professional and custom trumpet which features 10% nickel contained nickel-silver from the lead pipe to the bell's entrance.  This trumpet gives you a bright and full sound.



11.70 mm(0.460 in) bore.

127 mm (5.000 in) soldered wire rim yellow brass STANDARD/THIN bell.

10% nickel nickel-silver lead pipe.

10% nickel nickel-silver reversed light weight main tuning slide.

10% nickel nickel-silver inside/outside tuning slides.

10% nickel nickel-silver valve knuckles and all U bows.

1st valve slide ring with stop screw.

3rd valve slide fixed finger ring with stop screw.


Deluxe multifunctional carrying bag, 3C mouthpiece, cleaning cloth, cleaning rod, valve oil.

Added parts:

1 Square main tuning.

3 super thin finger buttons.

3 light weight valve springs.

1 heavy buttons/caps set.


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