Temporarily Sold Out      $99.95        

1950's - 60's Getzen classic trumpet mouthpiece - Copper Plated !

I sell everyone of these I can get my hands on ...  as fast as I get them in.  I search high and low for this specific mouthpiece and only purchase top quality used cores for remanufacturing, polishing, and plating with copper over the brass.  This really adds to the look of the famous Getzen Super Deluxe Trumpet from the 50's and 60's , that has 3 and 4 different types of metals used in their construction, especially the copper accents on the trumpet.  This mouthpiece really sets them off.  The size is appx a 7C mouthpiece.  It is polished raw copper plating so polishing will be needed to keep it nice.  This is a exclusive product !

Temporarily sold out.  I have to locate some more original GETZEN core mouthpieces in fabulous condition to copper plate !



                                  $ 199.95           

                                                                                 Temporarily Sold Out - Manufacturer delay

Stealth Screamer tm mouthpiece

This is another exclusive product.  With it's heavy and stealthy mega styling and its internal duplication of the famous 14a4a mouthpiece, this is one serious lead trumpet mouthpiece. Silver plated and polished to reflection perfection !  Place your manufacturing order today. Please allow 30 days manufacturing lead time prior to shipping out your custom mouthpiece.



Yamaha EM-1 Eric Miyashiro lead mouthpiece

Rim inner diameter: 16.02mm, Rim contour: semi-round, Rim thickness: thin, Cup depth: shallow, Throat: 3.65mm, Backbore: narrow





We carry the all weather , marching band Kelly Screamer lexan plastic mouthpieces

The KELLY-SCREAMER lead-trumpet mouthpiece design has a rim with a remarkably cushioned feel that still provides good slotting and great note accuracy. For comparison, the diameter is near a 13a4a with the KELLY-SCREAMER  being a bit shallower. The throat is slightly tighter than a Shew-lead, and the parabolic backbore just under that of a 3E.  The KELLY-SCREAMER  is the most COMFORTABLE, AFFORDABLE lead-trumpet mouthpiece that you'll ever play! PERIOD!  If you are in marching band, you absolutely need this mouthpiece !

      Specify color on check out in your CART                                  $26.95             



CarolBrass F1 Lead mouthpiece - Shallow Cup

                                                                                           CarolBrass F1 Lead mouthpiece  $60.00




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