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For the best in affordable yet superior quality trumpets we are proud to carry CAROLBRASS® Trumpets, Pocket Trumpets, and accessory items.

Not only will you love the way a CarolBrass® horn plays, you will love the excellent handmade craftsmanship, and attention to detail that every CarolBrass® horn receives.  Their trumpets are simply outstanding and are as good or better than much of their competition, including many very popular horns who’s prices are double and sometimes triple the cost of a similar CarolBrass® horn.  CarolBrass® builds instruments tailored to fit the many different needs and playing styles of the professional trumpeter, as well as producing some great-playing, high quality intermediate and student models. They offer one of the widest selections of materials for your own specific needs and sound quality.  Take a look at the extensive line of trumpets made of materials such as yellow brass, red brass, gold brass, nickel-silver, and yes even sterling silver !  CarolBrass® certainly has their standard and most popular selling models that you have probably seen elsewhere, but many do not know that they offer a virtual "custom shop" of horns .... all at excellent prices ! We offer a complete listing of 20+ different CarolBrass® trumpet models. Check them all out and see just how special these horns are. NEW finishes are now available. Check out the specs page.

Consider trying to order a special model or materials trumpet from another manufacturer and you may have time to get your doctorate degree and or be married with 3 children before they can fulfill your order!  Ordering a CarolBrass trumpet will be much quicker . . . appx 7-9 weeks for a special order custom trumpet !!  All CarolBrass® trumpets feature stainless steel valves and are raising the standard for the industry. Check out the specs page for more information. To sum it up, with a CarolBrass® trumpet, you can get the trumpet that YOU WANT, made the way YOU WANT, with the materials YOU WANT, to get the sound that YOU WANT !  Try getting that from a "Big Box" manufacturer. Order yours today.  Please email or call us if you have any questions. 


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As an authorized dealer, we are able to order any Carolbrass® product for you. Please do not hesitate to email us if you would like to order something that is not listed on our website.  I you are interested in a mini Bugle, a  Full Size-Hans Majestet Kongens Garde Bugle, a mini Bb (Slide-Trumpet-Trombone), A Dizzy Style Pocket or full size trumpet, a cornet, Flugelhorn, or piccolo trumpet, C trumpet,  regular Trombone, a black finish or even a left handed trumpet .... please contact us for YOUR BEST PRICE !



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