CarolBrass CTR-8060H-GLS




                                                                                                          CTR-8060H-GLS-L      $1,700.00

                                                                                      CTR-8060H-GLS-L Balanced Trumpet

NOW AVAILABLE with the SL finish = entire horn has a Satin Brushed Lacquered finish !


Remember the great trumpet players Louis Armstrong and Harry James? CarolBrass has just introduced their own version of the respectable balanced trumpet these great players played in their era. Who can forget the legendary OLDS RECORDING, SELMER, Antoine Courtois, LeBlanc and even Getzen balanced trumpets.  What sweet playing beauties those old horns are!  But NOW ... in the 21st century, with newer materials and improved design, I am proud to introduce the "NEW LEGENDARY BALANCED TRUMPET" from CarolBrass. It fits in your hands like glove, has their reliable smooth quick action Stainless Steel Valves, Sterling Silver Lead pipe, Gold Brass Bell, which produces an exciting robust sound the older trumpets did not have. This trumpet was built, not as a bright lead trumpet, but one which sounds beautiful and carries well in all trumpet venues.

If you have been scouring the internet for a good condition used 60 to 80 year old balanced trumpets such as the old manufacturers listed above, and have been discouraged to find that PRISTINE examples are $2,000 to $3,500 !  Why settle for a 70 year old horn at twice the price of these BRAND NEW state of the art examples of this legendary type of horn?  Get your NEW CarolBrass  CTR-8060H-GLS-L today !!! 


Model:                CTR-8060H-GLS
Key:                    Bb
Finish:                 Clear Lacquer
Bore:                   ML 0.460"
Bell:                    Gold brass Large & wire rim soldered
Bell size:              L 5.079"
Bell thickness:      S (Standard) 
Lead pipe:             Sterling silver
*Inner yellow brass/ Outer yellow brass tuning slide
*1st tuning slide fixed finger ring with stopper screw

Full 10 day conditional money back guarantee applies !  See Website for details.


YouTube CAROLBRASS Video on this horn :


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