CPT-3000-GLS-L           $750.00

                                                                                                                                                            Available model finishes and keys:

This Pocket Trumpet truly plays like a full size horn, and the CPT-3000-GLS is what is making everyone in the trumpet industry take notice of CarolBrass  !  This trumpet is rapidly acquiring the nickname of "The World's Finest Pocket Trumpet" ! You will not find a finer pocket trumpet anywhere at this price. You really need to try this trumpet. It plays as solid, in-tune and sounds as good as a regular full size trumpet ! Great for a special gig horn for a small setting, a practice horn, an easy to carry and transport horn. ( Carry it on the jet with you ! )  This is NOT a novelty toy trumpet.  There ARE many of those toy trumpets out there for a couple hundred dollars ... but this is NOT one of them!  Large bell accepts full size regular mutes.  This pocket trumpet gives you a "cool jazz" feeling.  As you play it , I think it actually enhances your jazz improv skills as it gives  you this nice cozy "jammin' on some jazz" in a bar gig type feeling ! This is the most highly recommended item I sell here, on Trumpet Specialties ! Put a Harmon mute in this one without the stem ... and you will simply be in heaven ! What about the range?  The upper register is no problem.  It will take you there with ease ! It is especially amazing and satisfying to belt out sizzling quality high notes on such a small trumpet !  You will play this horn more than you know. It's hard to put it down. The feedback you receive having the bell so close in, really lets you hear and feel your excellent groove ... ( as well as your bloopers. ) 

Don't just take my word for it. You can read an excellent review at Mr. Nick DeCarlis's Pocket Trumpet website:  This review compares this NEW pocket to the highly rated USED Los Angeles E. Benge pocket.  Don't miss reading this important review !


    The CarolBrass  Pocket

   Available in many great finishes and in the key of "C" :


Standard Lacquer -- CPT-3000-GLS-L   $750.00

Silver Finish CPT-3000-GLS (S)   $850.00

Satin Lacquer Bell (Brushed Finish) CPT-3000-GLS (SLB)   $900.00

Silver Finish with Gold trim CPT-3000-GLS (S/G)   $900.00

Satin Lacquer (Brushed Finish on the ENTIRE horn) CPT-3000-GLS-L-SL   $975.00 / special order only 7 weeks

Yellow Brass Bell - Key of C, with standard Lacquer CPT-4000-YLS-L        $800.00

Yellow Brass Bell - Key of C, with standard Lacquer CPT-4000-YLS-SLB - Satin Lacquer Bell      $900.00

( Select the drop down option to order your desired finish on your CART order )

(Scroll down to see photos of the optional finishes )


CPT-3000-GLS standard specifications:

Key of Bb. -   11.70 mm(0.460 in) bore.

120 mm(4.724 in) gold brass LARGE/STANDARD bell.

Yellow brass lead pipe.    Yellow brass inside/outside tuning slides.

1st valve slide fixed ring.  3rd valve slide fixed ring.

Standard weight valve springs


Deluxe ABS hard case (excellent design) , 3C mouthpiece, cleaning cloth, valve oil, slide grease.



CarolBrass CPT-3000-GLS-L Standard Lacquer Pocket Trumpet :


CarolBrass CPT-3000-GLS-S/G Silver Plated w Gold Trim Pocket Trumpet




CarolBrass CPT-3000-GLS-SLB

Satin-Brushed Lacquer Bell Pocket Trumpet




CarolBrass CPT-3000-GLS-L-SL Complete horn

 Satin Lacquer finish Pocket Trumpet

(special order only - appx 8 weeks)

Note: Photos are of a slightly different CarolBrass Small Bell Pocket Trumpet.

This was a special order for an international CarolBrass customer.

The finish is identical when applied to the 3000-GLS-Large bell trumpet.


This is an awesome horn to get a young one started !!! 

Great size for my daughter Julia !!!






Check out a recent review from a purchaser of a CarolBrass CPT-3000-GLS Pocket Trumpet !


You can always send an inquiry email to us before your anticipated purchase, and we will be happy to advise you if


your desired trumpet model as listed on this website is in stock, or a USA distributor warehouse order.

All CarolBrass custom build made-to-order trumpets are indicated   !



Ordering is easy.  You can click and shop right here online for the trumpets listed above. All items are processed thru our shopping cart thru PAYPAL, which accepts all major credit cards.  All transactions thru PAYPAL are guaranteed safe and secure.  Currently we do not have any provisions to accept phone orders, fax orders, money orders or checks. All Prices are in USD.


USA Shipping is a flat $20.00 for any trumpet, including tracking and insurance anywhere in the USA.  Other items will vary on check out $5.00 to $10.00 usually for USPS priority mail shipping in the USA.  If you are purchasing from outside the USA, shipping will be recalculated and you will be advised of the actual shipping cost.  These prices will vary.  International shipping must be paid before your item is shipped.  Customs / Duties fees are the responsibility of the purchaser.  Thank you for your understanding.

                    SPECIAL SAVINGS  

From time to time, we do offer special savings on certain items such as special purchase, overstock, close out models. We also offer discounts on selected items to students, educators, and schools.  Please email us with the item(s) you are interested in, and we will get back to you with information on any discounts available.




CarolBrass Trumpets are handmade with precision craftsmanship, from the student models to the professional models.  Depending on the model, your horn may be in stock, or may require ordering from our USA distributor, or may need to be manufactured especially for you from the factory overseas.  Upon purchase, your order will be confirmed, and we will notify you conveniently by email, within 24-48 hours of the status of your particular horn purchase.  We will let you know the expected ship date which could be 1 day or up to up 7 weeks if your horn is custom manufactured for you. Your new CarolBrass trumpet will be worth the wait!  

All custom made-to-order trumpets that are coming from Taiwan, usually takes 7 weeks before I see it, and ship it to you, so about 8 weeks.  Custom orders must be paid in full to facilitate your trumpet manufacturing order. Due to the many variations available on ordering a custom trumpet, and the fact that it is made-to-order just for you, any custom ordered trumpet cannot be cancelled or refunded. We appreciate your understanding on this.


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