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All CarolBrass trumpet valve pistons are made of stainless steel. This includes the beginner models as well as the professional custom models. Stainless steel piston valves are superior to traditional Monel piston valves because...

1 - Stainless prevents oxidation that leads to both valve sticking and wear.

2 - Older style Monel piston valves still contain an estimated 30% of copper elements, just as Nickel Silver contains an estimated 70% of copper elements. The more copper elements there are, the greater the chance of the metal oxidizing. This process creates verdigris, which in turn leads to a high chance of piston valves becoming stuck. Our stainless steel piston valves eliminate this problem.

3 - A mechanical comparison reveals:

Tensile strength       --- Stainless steel > Monel > Cupronickel

Corrosion resistance --- Stainless steel > Monel > Cupronickel

Resistance to wear   --- Stainless steel > Monel > Cupronickel

Hardness                 --- Stainless steel > Monel > Cupronickel

The durable properties of the stainless steel make it very hard to work on it in the manufacturing process. Therefore, other trumpet brands, including the famous name brands, have not been using stainless steel in the manufacture of their piston valves and other components. CarolBrass has invested a tremendous amount for their computerized design and machining processes necessary to successfully produce their close tolerance stainless valves. They have been making them this way for over 20 years. Since 1989, this material for valve pistons has proven to be superior in reliability and longevity to virtually all other valve pistons!



Trumpet Styles - SPECS  -  Examples of what is available for ordering :


CTR-1000H The H= means horn is built in the Heavy (H) construction. It has a regular style main tuning slide. Similar to a Bach look.

CTR-5000L The L= means horn is built in the lighter (L) construction. It has a reverse main tuning slide. The horn is more like a Yamaha-Schilke look.

There are many finishes, bore sizes and materials available:

FINISHES : - Lacquer - Silver Plate - Satin Brushed Lacquer Bell only - and a new finish where the entire horn is done in a Satin Brushed finish !

BORE: - Medium Large .460 - Middle ground Large .465 - Large .470


- Standard Size (Bach 37 style 4 7/8" bell on student models) " S " designation such as YSS

- Standard Size (Bach 37 style 5" bell on professional models) " S " designation such as YST

- Larger Size (Bach 72 style 5" bell on professional models) " L " designation such as YLT

- Bell thickness, depending on the model are standard, medium, or thin bell thickness

- Bell materials , depending on the model are  Yellow Brass - Gold Brass - Red Brass

Each trumpet description indicates what bell size comes with that particular model.

CarolBrass offers a 2 piece seamless bell on their horns.

Scroll down to the bottom of this page for a complete list of CarolBrass Bell Sizes.

Lead pipes , tubes and Tuning slides :

(depending on the model)

- 70% copper, yellow brass. - 85% copper, gold brass. - 90% copper, red brass.

- 10% nickel, nickel-silver. - 30% nickel, nickel-silver. - Phosphorus bronze.

- Sterling silver.


CarolBrass Designations YST YLT CTR SLT GSS 1000 5000 8000

                                        What does it all mean?

It means you are able to get the horn that is right for you!

CarolBrass has made custom designed trumpets available and affordable to the masses. With other manufacturers , they offer you specific models, made one way with very few options. Carolbrass offers their trumpets to you with more options than most any other manufacturer, giving you a horn that plays and sounds just right for you!

Maybe you a beginner, and just need a really great student trumpet? Did you know that the CarolBrass professional close tolerance stainless steel valve pistons are used in the student model !   This gives you the student a great horn, at a great price,  without compromise.  If you buy a "big box brand name" student beginner trumpet ( for about $800-$900 ) , will they be giving you professional grade valves?  No . . . they won't ! The CTR-1000H-YSS is a fabulous horn for your learning environment that won't hold you back!

Using the trumpet model number, you can use the charts below, to see just what the different models are comprised of in terms of lead pipe, materials, bell size, and so forth. Trumpets are categorized in 2 categories :

Trumpets from CarolBrass come in two categories. "By Style" and "By Materials" . The charts below can assist you in choosing the horn that best fits you.  Common to all model types are yellow brass valve casings and stainless steel valve pistons.  Some common designations are:

YST - Yellow Brass Bell, Standard Size #37 Bell style , Thin Metal thickness on the bell.

YLT- Yellow Brass Bell, Larger Size #72 Bell style , Thin metal thickness on the bell.

YST   vs   YLT

Both are 5" BELL, profile SIZE DIFFERENCES:


CarolBrass has many different finishes available on most models.  Some, but not all are not listed here on our website in the drop down option.  If you have a question about a particular finish available on a particular model horn, please email us and we will get right back to you with an answer and a quote. Some finishes may be a special order only and will take approx 8 weeks. Some options may be slightly more or slightly less, depending on the model applied to. Below are General Pricing for the finishes:

Available Finishes:

L - Lacquer Finish = No extra charge

S - Silver Plate Finish = Add $175.00

SLB - Satin Brushed Bell = Add $175.00

S/G - Silver Finish with Gold Trim = Add $225.00

SL - Complete Horn Satin Brushed Finish = Add $225.00

S/SL - Complete Horn Silver Plated and Satin Brushed Finish = $325.00







While we specialize in trumpets here at Trumpet Specialties, you can see the other designations for all of the CarolBrass line of instruments in the charts above.

CCR -- Cornet

CFL --  Flugelhorn

CPT -- Pocket

CPC -- Piccolo

CTB -- Trombone


We are able to order any Carolbrass product, so do not hesitate to email us if you would like to order a mini Bugle, a  Full Size-Hans Majestet Kongens Garde Bugle, a mini Bb (Slide-Trumpet-Trombone), A Dizzy Style Pocket or full size trumpet, a cornet, Flugelhorn, or piccolo trumpet, C trumpet,  regular Trombone, a black finish or even a left handed trumpet !




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