Positive CarolBrass® testimonials are abundant on the internet on blogs and such, so I will not copy and or list them here. (But I urge you to seek them out and see what others are saying all over the net ! ) I only list testimonials on this site that are from customers, and used with permission only. I take the time to do this to show others out there online, that the CarolBrass horns are instruments to be reckoned with !!!


From a recent (April 2014) purchaser of a CarolBrass Cornet, Model CCR-8882T-GSS-SLB we received the following feedback:


After a couple of play sessions with my new cornet I can say that this cornet

is absolutely incredible. It has a big beautiful voice with all the colors that one

could hope for. It is a beautiful example of superior craftsmanship and attention

to detail. The valves are so smooth as well as so perfectly aligned that I am astounded.

I am absolutely 100% pleased with this instrument and I will be a big promoter of the

brand to anyone who is interested in a superior horn!

Alan C
Phoenix, AZ


From a recent purchaser of the CaroBrass CTR-5000L-YLT-L trumpet we received the following feedback:

Hello Dean,


I received the trumpet on Saturday, with no problem. The finish and quality are excellent. You would never know it was a demo horn. The case and accessories are quality, too.
It played fine right out of the case.  The horn sounds GREAT. I have been playing a '79 Bach Strad 180/37 I've had since new, and recently tried several others, such as Yamaha 8310, Bach 43, Stomvi, Callet New York. In the past I've also had a Calicchio & a Getzen Eterna.
The CarolBrass horn is the best of the bunch. Compared to my Bach, it's brighter, freer blowing, plays more in tune in the pedal register and easier in the upper register. If I shop for another horn, a CarolBrass will be at the top of the list...maybe a fleug, I don't have one!


Bill G.

New Jersey


From an international purchaser of the CaroBrass CTR-5202L-YST-L trumpet we received the following email:

Dean …My brother, the trumpet is SWEEET, fantastic ! I have had the privilege of playing on the CTR-5202-YST-L over the weekend at gig with the band. All I can say is superb. Especially with the John Eth Mouthpiece. This trumpet is indeed my best investment for the year! I would like recommend other musicians to try a CarolBrass instrument as it is indeed one for the perfectionist.

Here is my testimonial for your site:

As an average trumpet player (enthusiast) I was looking for an intermediate trumpet, however on the advice of some professionals, I was told to try a CarolBrass horn. After some deliberation, I was stumbled upon Dean Taylor of and the truth be told I was and am still impressed. Dean’s professional nature, and truly customer service orientation has left me wanting to continue using him as my personal suppliers for all of my trumpet purchase needs.

Dean and his team are in my mind the best dealership I have dealt with in the last ten years. As for the CarolBrass Trumpet, the intonation, the dexterity, the look, the feel…I only wonder if my wife would be this gorgeous. It is great. The tone of this trumpet makes me sound like a professional.

Thanks Dean, Thanks CarolBrass ... I WILL BE BACK !!! "

Regards and God Bless

Donovan C.E Smith

Barbados, West Indies


From a recent purchaser of a CarolBrass CPT-3000-GLS-BG "Blackhawk" Pocket Trumpet we received the following emails :

(After purchase …. and before receiving his horn)

Hi Dean,

I appreciate that you will be doing a quality control play check of the instrument before shipping it out to me. Regarding my decision to purchase this horn from you …. I had been doing on-line research for several months and after weighing the available options;

1. The Bach Prelude Pocket Trumpet

2. The Austin Winds Pocket Trumpet

3. The Berkley Pocket Trumpet

4. The Phaeton Pocket Trumpet (I have a Phaeton trumpet about 6 years old and a Phaeton flugelhorn about 3 years old, I love them both).

5. The Carol Brass "Blackhawk" Pocket Trumpet. The instruments design,clear details of specifications, explanation of metallurgic materials and Carol Brasses website audio clips of its professional trumpet and flugelhorn were what I relied on to base my decision to buy the "Blackhawk", I garnered based on the facts that it is of the highest professional grade.

I also have a custom built Galileo "Jooleo" Bb trumpet, A Cerveny rotary Bb and a Corso BB/A piccolo trumpet.

I am look forward to receiving the FedEx tracking information, with baited breath. I'll let you know my sentiments towards the "Blackhawk" in a week or two.

Best regards and have an awe inspired day...sincerely,

Leroy S. Bosby, Jr

Avondale, LA


THEN ...

(After receiving his horn)

Hello and Good morning to you Dean,

My CarolBrass CPT-3000-GLS-BG "Blackhawk" Pocket Trumpet arrived 03/23 P.M today. The black-nickel finished plating that you described as gorgeous, to me is really sleek and impressively stately giving the finish a uniform depth is appearance.

I pulled the tuning slide out about .5" and blew just air through the horn several times with a fixed but non-vibrating embouchure to feel the openness and resistance of the horn while depressing and releasing the valves in different configurations. When I did strike my first note to check the slot-tings of the open tones ascending from middle C,G,C,E,C,D,E,G & C4. I was quite surprised at the trueness and clarity of all of the notes and the vibrant clearness of the tonal quality. The horn really opens up easier in the upper register than it does in the normal low and middle registers. For me the opposite has been the norm, imagine my surprise and new delight.

I am looking forward to playing the "Blackhawk" more extensively to experience and learn the possible tonal nuances that I am sure that it has. I'd recommend it to any seasoned trumpet player that plays with exuberance has an open embouchure.

I am sure I'll get a lot of questions on this horn. I will of course let my associates and inquirers' play a few bars on it and inform them how to contact you and obtain this excellent horn.

"Dean you have my permission to edit this email for a testimonial for use on your website"

Best regards and have an awe inspired day...sincerely,

Leroy S. Bosby, Jr.

Avondale, LA


From a recent purchaser of a CarolBrass CPT-3000-GLS-(L)  Pocket trumpet we received the following email :

To: Trumpet Specialties:

Hi Dean,

How have you been? The pocket is great !  I have really been enjoying the CarolBrass pocket trumpet. It really plays like one of the big guys, so it works very well as a practice horn, and perhaps in certain situations a performance horn. Much better then the two other pockets I've tried. I guess CarolBrass really knows how to make a trumpet!

Colin F.

Brooklyn, NY


From a customer who purchased a CarolBrass CTR-5000L-YST-Silver trumpet:

Hi Dean,

Thank you very much. After all of the positive reviews I've read about CarolBrass trumpets, I'm really looking forward to playing one. I currently play a Bach Strad, 180LR, 43 bell, that has been one of the best trumpets I've ever played. After trying various Bach models for over 35 years, I swore I would never own one. But this one just felt like it was right for me. So, if everything I've read about CarolBrass trumpets being Strad killers is true, then I can't wait to get this one.

Thanks for your prompt responses and the fact that you will personally check the horn, and not just having it dropped shipped from the distribution center. If all goes as well as it has so far, I will definitely recommend you to many of my musical friends.


Don S.

Scottdale, PA


Hi Dean,

I did receive the trumpet on Saturday, Dec. 31. I thought I'd spend some time with it before I emailed you. I do like the trumpet very much. It is a very bright sounding trumpet and is very easy to play. My Strad is considered a bright sounding horn, but the CarolBrass trumpet makes it sound mellow. I'll use the CarolBrass for lead work and probably use my strad for things such as brass quintet work. My Strad has in my opinion a much richer sound, with more depth. The CarolBrass horn has a pleasing brightness, speaks easier in the lower range and seems a bit easier in the upper register. Flexibility wise, they are pretty equal. If I were trying both horns out in a music store with an option of buying just one, I'd be hard pressed to choose one. Thankfully I don't have to make that decision, and I'm glad that I have two horns that feel pretty comparable playing wise, but give me the option of two different sounds for different playing situations.

I've tried various configurations with the slides, springs, and valve caps, and I think i'm pretty set on: the single radius slide, the heavier valve caps, and the standard springs. The hardest decision I had to make was between the two slides. Both were very comparable, but I think the single radius slide was a little brighter and a little better for slotting. I used the light springs for quite a while, but eventually realized that they were a little too spongy, and were a little too slow in responding to the return position during extremely fast fingering passages. Basically, they were lagging behind just enough to be noticed by me. Once I replaced them with the standard springs, I was hooked.

Thank you very much for everything. The trumpet arrived in good shape and is quite a remarkable instrument for less than half the cost of a Strad. Anyone asking me about buying a new trumpet will be directed to your website with high recommendations for the CarolBrass trumpets. I only wish I had the luxury or capability of being able to try every one of the CarolBrass trumpets (you know, it's a trumpeter thing).

Thank you very much, and best wishes for the coming year.

Don S.

Scottdale, PA


Initial review and comments from a recent purchaser of a CarolBrass CTR-5060H-GSS :

Hello Dean,

Yes, it arrived in good order, but I have had a busy week, and so far I've barely played it 2 hours, but my impression on this horn is very good. I'm am very happy with the tone. It is by far the best quality trumpet I have played in it's price range, and it seems to me that it could compete with horns that cost around twice as much. My favorite aspect of it so far is how comfortable it is to hold while playing. My left hand doesn't feel cramped or too spread out, like it does on practically every other horn I've played and the weight is also perfect. My current main horn makes my left hand and wrist sore after even short practice session. The CarolBrass horn does not and the weight of the two horns are near identical. I'm quite impressed with the valves, but this is actually the first horn I bought new (and the only one I own that is currently in production), so they may get even better once they are broken in ! I'd be happy to let you know my impressions in a few weeks once I have become more used to it.

Louis Bernard

Oakland, CA


From a recent purchaser of a CarolBrass  CPT-3000-GLS-(L) Pocket trumpet we received the following email :

To: Trumpet Specialties:

Hi Dean,

Just a note to let you know how pleased I am with my purchase of the CarolBrass CPT-3000-GLS Brass Lacquer Pocket Trumpet. I was , but am no longer an "A player". I am just a player in my retirement years. I went to college in the late 1960’s on a trumpet scholarship, marching band, wind ensemble and symphony. Through the years I’ve played in church, city-wide band, rodeo band ( where I wail for hours 5 – 15 seconds at a time ! ) etc …

I started looking online for a pocket trumpet to take Christmas caroling. It seemed like a convenient idea. Once I began shopping around and did some internet research, a "cheap" and/or inexpensive pocket trumpet went out the window. With my research, I found that a lot of regular trumpet guys were impressed with the CarolBrass pocket trumpet in terms of quality, tone, and also the standard size bell so your regular mutes will fit.

The cost was a stretch for a retired guy, and I took the plunge with someone I had never before done business with. Dean, the purchase with you was made easy with your top notch service, discount, and correspondence !

About the horn…. I Love it, Love it,  Love it !

What a smooth playing trumpet.  I'm having a hard time completing phrases because I keep giggling. I play it every day. Thank you for all your help,

Happy Harold in Fort Worth, TX



Playin' it everyday.   Thanks for the discount in making this horn affordable for me.



From a 20 year Bach Stradavarius player we recently received the following review:

I had not heard much about CarolBrass except that they had a horn that was comparable to my mainstay trumpet for the last 2 decades. I heard the CTR-5000L-YST had developed a nickname of the "Strad-Killer" and I was anxious to try one and see if it was true. Dean arranged that for me and brought one to my location, at my convenience. I began playing my normal warm up, long tones, scales and octaves and was paying very close attention to intonation, sound, and comparing to what I have been so very used to with my Strad. Then onto some high range notes up to a High G above C. Wow, those high notes locked in better and were easier to hit than on my Bach. I went back to playing some familiar sweet solos and rifs that I love, and the sound, is every bit as nice as I sound on my Bach. I am also impressed with some of the nice features that this CarolBrass horn has such as ALL of the valves slides are reversed style, and the extra bonus round tuning slide. The valves are a breeze, the horn quality just looks fantastic, and the price is incredible. This horn definitely lives up to it’s "nickname" ! I am very pleased with the performance of this trumpet, and thank you Dean.

Michael F.

1st Trumpet

Northwest Symphonic Pops Orchestra

Portland, OR


A CarolBrass® customer whom was selling his CTR-3330L-YST Custom Bb Trumpet after only owning it for a very short time. I followed up and inquired as to the reason he was selling the trumpet he had only just recently purchased it?  Was there a problem with it?  Did it not perform to his expectations?  Here is his response :



There is absolutely nothing whatsoever wrong with this horn. I will try to capsulize why I am selling the CarolBrass trumpet. I buy many horns to try them out, play them and then sell them as my hobby. Recently, I bought the CarolBrass CTR-3330L-YST and the Jupiter 1600XOi Ingram as a comparison. I thought the Jupiter was no match for the CarolBrass horn. I also play Adams trumpets and Martin Handcraft Committee. I have bought at least 75 trumpets in the last 4 years because it's my salvation if you know what I mean. I am a "comeback player" who is retired with nothing else to do. Does that help to explain why I am selling my CarolBrass trumpet? It is truly a wonderful horn in terms of sound, feel with exceptional quality workmanship. It's one of the best trumpets I have played regardless of price and I've owned or played them all.








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