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Will be posting soon :     ( 2 )  1950's GETZEN Super Deluxe trumpets

1 - has the sterling silver bell option

2 - has the copper bell option

Both in awesome condition.

_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________       SOLD   $2,995.00      


YAMAHA YTR-8310ZBP -  Limited Edition Black Phoenix Trumpet

Rare!  This is one of 50!  So rare, most people don't even know about it !  It is slightly used, but no dings, dents, or scratches.  Like New.  It plays awesome.  It is a Bobby Shew Model with special engraving and that gorgeous black finish. In celebration of 50 years of Yamaha in the US, the limited edition Black Phoenix trumpets were produced to usher in a new era for Yamaha Wind Instruments. The Black Phoenix instruments were ONLY produced in 1 small production run. Quantities of 150 of the alto saxophone, 50 of the trumpet and 50 of the trombone were sold from authorized Yamaha dealers beginning in January 2009.  As of December 2010, you cannot locate any online retailer that has a brand new one in stock.  This one is used, but ever so slightly. I bought this for the incredible collectability factor on this trumpet.  This is also one of my personal horns.   Don't miss out on this awesome playing collectors item. I actually will miss this horn once sold, but I also want to offer this to my customers since the core of our site is trumpet specialties ... and this one certainly is that ! 

 (SOLD - But I have left this on this page for those of you that want to see the beautiful engraving close up)



8340em custom trumpet                       

YAMAHA YTR-8340EM Eric Miyashio Series Trumpet    $2,400.00


This is a very rare trumpet here in the USA.  They were only sold in Japan.  This is NOT an 8310z copy.  I would say this trumpet is an 8310z on steroids !  Man does this trumpet play beautifully.  The notes just seem to lock in and slot in so effortlessly, sometimes it is hard to believe the notes are going by that fast, and that clear when you are playing a nice rif.  This horn is a dual bore, not a large bore.  It is Eric's own design.  It has an awesome projecting 5 1/4" bell.  Beautiful gold brass lacquer finish.  An this horn can certainly deliver.  I feel this is the ultimate lead trumpet horn. Back to the specifics on the trumpet . . .The "French Bead" bell rim material allows for enhanced feedback to the player. The thinner bell with wider diameter creates quicker response and powerful sound. Side-seam production enables the instrument to have more open vibration. Top and bottom piston caps and piston stems are made of brass. All three finger hooks are O-shaped rings for better stability, tonal quality and free-blowing. The light weight, hollow 3 slide stopper screw is designed to allow for a more free-blowing. The large bore size, unique to the YTR-8340EM, enables smooth air flow and allows consistent sound throughout the range of the instrument. The unique shape of the main tuning slide brace allows for a more free-blowing feel, helps the player achieve the point where the horn resonates most freely.

This is what Eric Miyashiro has clarified on blogs online regarding specifics on designing his Yamaha custom series masterpiece trumpet ---

--- The EM is not a "Large bore" horn, it is step bore using 3 different bore sizes.

--- With out the valves pushed down, the EM is same bore as the 8310Z.

--- All 3 valve slides tubing (not the port, just the tubing) are in the Larger bore, but the piston and the ports are in Medium Large.

--- Piston, and the valve cluster has fair amount of resistance, so having the slides in Large bore help to compensate the blow.

--- The bigness you might be feeling is the timber of the horn coming from the French bead. Many people felt the new 8310Z was darker, or was bigger, but in fact it was the French bead's way of making you monitor your sound differently.

--- The large bell diameter is an idea I got from German rotary trumpets.

---- German horns are usually comes in small bore with large throat bell, and the bell diameter is bigger than most piston valve trumpets.

--- German horns are known to be darker sounding than the pistons, but they project very well, so I did some research, and found the right diameter to project the tone with out losing the warmth and core.


The photo is a stock Yamaha photo of the YTR-8340EM.  The horn offered, is a 2007 model that is used, but it has been well cared for by a professional. It has 2 tiny dings, and a few areas of lacquer wear around the valve casings.  This trumpet is also one of my personal trumpets. I offer it for sale on this site since the core of our site IS trumpet specialties ... and that is what I am bring to the marketplace and to my customers.  The list price on this trumpet is $3,795.00 new.  There are several sites in Europe that still have this horn in stock that will sell you one for $3,200.00.  This used 8340EM will absolutely amaze and dazzle you, or you may have a refund of your $2,400.00.  12-13-15  SOLD ... someone has a nice Christmas present!   

 (SORRY ... SOLD - But I have left this on this page for those of you that want to see the write up and specs on this awesome horn)

Eric Miyashiro with his YTR-8340EM



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